Vertically Integrated In-House Property Management

GRJ manages all assets through its inhouse property management firm, Corsair Management.

Self-Managed Properties

Corsair Management enables agile execution of strategies and quick adaptation to market trends

AI-Powered Leasing

Streamlined leasing processes through AI automation. Benefits include automated lead follow-up to never miss a lead, scheduled showings with calendar integrations, streamlined prospect communication, and efficient application processing

Real-time identification of inefficiencies

Utilizing advanced monitoring and data analytics, we identify operation inefficiencies in real-time, allowing us to promptly address them. With uniform procedures and training, we ensure consistent and effective resolution of issues, maximizing operational performance

Process-Driven approach

Our standardized systems and protocols, complemented by automated processes, ensure operational efficiency, minimize errors, and encompass all aspects from leasing to maintenance issues

Economies of scale

Robust network of contractors and vendors leads to significant cost savings across maintenance, marketing, and administration

Strategic outsourcing

Key functions such as accounting, legal services, and HR are outsourced for cost optimization and focus on core competencies

Corsair provides third party management services for owners and investors. For more information contact us